Questions and Answers

1) What is the Voter Values Project (VVP)?
The VVP, sponsored by Prescott Indivisible, is a group of politically active people who are interested in what you think. We are working for positive change in our leaders, our community, and ourselves.

2) Why should I complete the Survey?
It is very important for the VVP to gain insight from as many voters as possible. Completing the survey allows VVP to hear from a variety of voters so we can identify which issues are most important. Take the survey

3) What will you do with the results of my answers to the Survey?
After receiving your input, the information will be provided to candidates and representatives in Arizona so they understand the concerns of their constituents.

4) What kind of follow-up will I receive regarding my concerns?
After taking the survey, we will periodically follow-up via email with pertinent information about candidates, representatives, and the issues that matter to you.

5) How do I stand to benefit from completing the Survey?
As a voter, you may or may not have known how to make your concerns known to candidates and representatives. VVP has the ear of individuals running for office and those already in office. Your concerns will be passed on.

6) Will my information be kept private?
Yes. VVP does not share your private information. We respect your privacy.

7) What is the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL)?
The PEVL is a list of voters who have signed up to have their ballots mailed to their homes weeks before an election. Learn about early voting

8) What are the advantages of signing up for PEVL?
When you enroll in PEVL, you will receive a ballot, for every election, approximately 27 days early. Other advantages include having more time to review the choices and most importantly, voting from the safety of your home. Learn about early voting