PEVL: Permanent Early Voting List

What is PEVL?

PEVL, the Permanent Early Voting List, is a list of voters in Arizona who can vote by mail. Everyone on PEVL, which is about 80% of the registered voters, gets a ballot in the mail approximately 27 days before each election. After you fill out the ballot, you send it back in a prepaid envelope.

PEVL Enrollment Deadline dates for the next two elections are as follows: July 24 th for the August 4 th Primary Election and October 23 rd for the November 3 rd General Election.

  The AZ Dems have put together a great PEVL page here.

What are the advantages of PEVL?

There are numerous advantages to being enrolled in PEVL.

Safer: There’s no need to travel to your polling place or stand in line on Election Day. During this Covid pandemic, even with social distancing, it’s safer to mail your ballot from home.

  Increased voter turnout: Because of how easy it is to fill out a mail-in ballot, the convenience actually increases voter turnout.

  Cost effective: Using mail-in ballots costs less than staffing polling places. Although there will still be some polling places, fewer will be needed. There’s also no need for high-speed tabulation machines because the counting of votes starts two weeks before Election Day.

  More informed voting: Mail-in ballots give voters a longer opportunity to study the ballot, learn about candidates and find answers to their questions before voting.

It has also worked for the U.S. Military since the Civil War.


How do you enroll in PEVL?

There are two ways to enroll in PEVL.

The first way, and for some the easiest, is to use a PEVL form (as seen below).

You can call (928) 771-3248 and request a PEVL form be mailed to your home. Or you can download and print the form here. After you’ve filled out the PEVL form and you live in Yavapai County Arizona, you can mail it to:

    Yavapai County Voter Registration

    1015 Fair Street, Room #228
    Prescott, AZ  86305-1807

If you live in another county in Arizona, mail it to the voter registration office in your county. You can find those addresses here.

The second way to enroll in PEVL is to go online at When you enroll online you will be required to register or re-register to vote. The online setup process is outlined below

PEVL Signup Process, in 9 easy steps!

1. Visit to get started.
Then click on "Voter Registration".
2. Choose a language either, English or Español,
then click on the blue "Continue" button.
3. Even if you have already registered to vote, you will have to re-register to enroll in PEVL online. Click on the blue "Begin/Update Voter Registration" button at the bottom of the page.
4. Per the instructions on the website, you must click in the boxes in the first three questions and answer "YES" to the last two questions. Click on the blue "Continue" button.
5. Enter your name, date of birth, last 4 digits of your social security number, and your Arizona driver’s license or identification card number. Click on the blue "Continue" button.
6. Look at the mailing address Arizona has listed for you. If it's still a good address for you, click on the blue button, "Yes. My address is correct." If not, you have the opportunity to put in another address, go back to a previous screen, or quit the voter registration and PEVL enrollment process.
7. You must declare a party preference because it will determine which ballot is sent to you in the primary election. If you are an Independent, go to the pulldown menu to the right of Party Preference (blue up and down arrows) and select other. In the "Or Other Party" window, type in "Independent."
8. The information on the rest of this page is optional and you do not have to fill in any of the blanks to enroll in PEVL. Click on the blue "Continue" button.
9. Here is the last page. Click on the blue button, "Yes. I want to vote by mail (permanently)" and you’re enrolled in PEVL! Just so you know, even if you’re enrolled in PEVL you can still go to the polls to vote (if you have not submitted your mail-in ballot). Congratulations!

Learn more about PEVL

Vote by Mail: Vote by mail systems make it easier for citizens to cast an informed and secure ballot in elections. The problem is that election turnout remains low. Despite registration drives and get out the vote efforts, waiting in hours-long polling lines remains too difficult for millions of Americans who have work, kids, and other responsibilities that prevent them from voting on Election Day. In combination with outdated voting machines that are vulnerable to hacking and fraud, our election system is stuck in the past. Mail in ballots would be less expensive than staffing polling places. Mail in voting is accurate, secure and safe.

You can request a one-time mail-in ballot at the Arizona Voter Information Portal.

Take a look at for more on the advantages of voting by mail, then read this recent article in Mother Jones outlining the challenges we face here in Arizona.

Is PEVL more or less susceptible to fraud?

PEVL is easy and convenient for voters and results in almost no fraud. With early voting, county recorders can regularly clear voters who have died or moved, which provides a more up-to-date list of eligible voters and decreases the chance for fraud. In reality, outdated voting machines are vulnerable to hacking and fraud. Some Republicans, and even Trump, have claimed that mail-in voting will increase fraud but those have been proven to be untrue.

Officials in all-mail balloting states say GOP claims of fraud are false - AZ Mirror

What’s the difference between a mail-in ballot and voting at the polls?

Voting with a Mail-in Ballot: Arizonans can choose to have a mail-in ballot through a program called PEVL. If you are a registered voter and are enrolled in PEVL, you will receive a ballot in the mail approximately 27 days before each election. You can then take your time in filling out the ballot. When you have completed filling out your ballot, you can put it in a mailbox or take it to a drop box in your area. The early voting drop off box in Prescott is outside the County Administration Building, 1015 Fair Street. Either delivery method works as long as your ballot is received by 7:00 on election day. Postmarks do not apply

Voting at the Polls: If you do not sign up for PEVL, the only option to vote is by going to a polling station on election day. Because some people do not have access to mail, there will still be polling stations.

Optional ways to vote with PEVL: If you are enrolled in PEVL, you have several options on how to cast your ballot. You can mail it, put it in a dropbox, or you can walk your ballot into a polling place.

There are also many organizations who guide you through what PEVL is and how to enroll. Here are just a few.

The Democrats of the Red Rocks (DORR) gives Voter Registration Information and how to get onto PEVL.

Reddit offers a Vote By Mail Guide for Arizonans.

Do Democrats and Republicans support PEVL?

The majority of Republican voters favor voting by mail. According to a recent Reuters poll, 72% of all U. S. adults said that they would support a requirement for mail-in ballots as a way to protect voters, including 65% Republicans.

Bipartisan Support for Expanded Mail Voting for 2020 Elections

By contrast, even though Arizona voters love voting by mail, the GOP Lawmakers do not. Mother Jones - Arizonans Love Postal Voting. But Even With the Coronavirus, Its GOP Lawmakers Don't.

If you have questions about early voting in Yavapai County please visit the Yavapai County Elections and Voter Registration page. All Voting Is Local has started a PEVL campaign in Arizona, check out what they are doing here.

You can even get a

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